Can.. Can I just say how much Mabel is my role model, Id love to meet someone in a cemetery..!!

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Why is he so fucking evil…?

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This is the far, the worst, yet underated joke cartoonetwork has aired on tv… Omfg,….

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When your favorite character dies in an anime.

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Run first, ask questions later…

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I think we are underating the value of a holographic toliet video game….

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When someone starts an anime you already completed.

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C-Can I just like… have this on like every profile picture I will ever have… ever?!

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Trying to get your parents to understand anime.

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Do I have to like legitly state why, Nichole is the far the baddest mom in history…?

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Walking in the halls, first day of school be like

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I love watching, anime, cartoons, movies, and reading manga all the time. But I swear, I’m a fucking sunpire(Daylight Vampire), Like I legitly only watch tv, etc, in the daytime. Like it never crosses with the night, unless I’m either with friends or on some insane episode/series addiction. And here’s why: 

About a night ago, I was watching Gravity Falls, a great show etc, Mabel FTW, and I just got done with Season 1, I’ve been meaning to watch the series for a while now, but because of school, searching for the dragonballs and basically the teenage life I’ve been unable to do so, thx shenron. Anywhore, I recently finished the 1st season about a night ago, and I went online to check for epic photos. I went to the glorious of mother lands, via google and found some funny memories and also 3 photos, that ruined my childhood for this show damn near permanently, because my brain thought of chizz to scar me for life, below are the 3 photos:

Dipper: Huff.. Puff.. Huff.. Puff… (Heavy breathing, as he was hesistant in looking around, unable to see anything within the woods, almost clinching to Mabel’s hand. He was leading as they continued to walk through the dark, eerie forest, with its shroud of heavy atmospheric depth.) Ma-Mabel… Yo-You know… I don’t think this is the way to the shack… A-Are you sure that this.. Tha-That this is the way…? 

Mabel: I-I don’t know dipper, you told me y-you had the map. Just pull it out all ready, if you don’t k-know where you’re going…. I-I told you we were los-

-A rustle in the grass from a distance is heard-

Dipper: Wh-What was that..?

Mabel: D-Dipper… I’m scared…. 

Dipper: (Slight Gulp) … He-Hehe, there’s nothing to be affraid of… M-Mabel, we’ve been through this forest a hundred of times… We’re just a little lost… We’ll be f-fine… The shack, should b-be up ahead..

- Another Rustle In The Grass Is Heard -

Dipper: Let’s just.. Pick up the pace…. (Begins to hold Mabel’s hand tighter, as they sped up their walking speed)

- A low growl is heard -

???: Errrrgguuuuuuhhhhhzzzzzzzzzzttt

Dipper: …?!

Mabel: Di-Dipper…?! What was that? I can’t see anything?! Can you..?

Dipper: … No.. (He squinted his eyes, trying to make out figures from the moonlight, though everything had seemed black and the same.) Le-Let’s just get out of here! Come on mabel, let’s just run. We’re bound to hit a road at some point Mab..el? Ma-Mabel…?


Dipper: Mabel…?! Just run! Let’s get outta here! -Pulling on her arm, as the figured shadow draws near- 


Dipper: Oh man.. Mabel! Come on we have to get out off here, what is that thing?! Mabel?! (He tried to pull her off of the ground and onto her feet, but slipped out of his grip and onto the ground, in a fall. He almost instantly gets up, and opens his eyes, loosing where he once was beside Mabel.) M-Mabel…?! MABEL?! ANSWER ME?! (He began to run, screaming and shouting her name) Mabel!?! Where are you?! Oh man.. Oh man, oh man… Huff.. Puff.. Huff.. Puff… MABEL…?!!! 

- Suddenly the forest becomes quiet, as Dipper desperately rushes through the branches and bushes as he storms through the grounds of the forest looking for his sister, heavily breathing; from a distance his voice could be heard -


Dipper: (Walking through the now silent forest, hears one final rustle behind him.) M-Mabel…?

FOR THIS REASON ALONE, I do not watch things at night. 

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Just gonna leave this here… 

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When you ask a friend to share food..

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